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SUA is proud to offer state-of-the-art unique Cyber Liability Coverage. We have a fantastic program put in place to protect your client's company. Highlights include one of the very best response teams in the industry, working to assist clients should a breach occur, in real time. Other features include high limit coverage for notification expense, business interruption coverage and more.

Coverage, created just for the client.

SUA provides tailor-made policies and applications to meet individual needs. Our policy also includes Regulatory Proceeding Coverage and some fines covered (where insurable). The insurer can in most cases, advance reasonable defense costs for covered claims. We can add or change coverages individually, or in conjunction with several of our great coverage solutions. 


Policy details include:​

  • Judgement & Settlements

  • Defense & Extortion Costs

  • Remediation costs

  • Notification costs

  • Forensic costs

  • & more

We work hard, to protect your hard work. 

With SUA's Cyber Protection you can know that industry leading cutting edge protection is available the moment you need us, just pick up the phone and a Cyber Liability Response team member is at your service. Every policy includes access to this Response Team and it is considered best-in-class.

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Cyber Liability APPLICATION


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