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Stateside is excited to announce the addition of Directors Officers, Employment Practices Liability and Fiduciary Liability to our suite of products. This portfolio of coverage has been hard to come by in the mortgage area, until now. 

At Stateside, we strive to be the market leader in bringing new and improved products to our brokerage community and we believe our new Management Liability portfolio does just that. 

Additionally, we can offer separate aggregate limits for each coverage. The importance of separate aggregate limits versus one combined aggregate is important, particularly when the bond and professional liability are included in the package. This avoids diluting the limits, in the event of a claim that can cross over into each coverage area in some cases. 

Enhance Your Policy, With Cyber Liability
SUA offers low limit full cyber policy options that are included in the package premium, as well as higher limit options for small additional premiums. We have one of the broadest policies in the industry to best serve our clients and meet their specific needs. Click here for more information of our Cyber Liability Coverage >>


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