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Stateside Underwriting is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive national programs for Title, Escrow and Closing (TEC) Agents.  Our program provides Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) as well as Fidelity Bond policies for Title, Escrow and Closing Agents in all 50 states.  Stateside Underwriting utilizes several markets to match the best coverage to the specific risk.

Our program can offer individual limit to $3,000,000 with minimum premiums starting at $2,500.


Our policies may provide errors & omissions coverage for any and/or all of the following professional services:



Additionally, subject to receipt and acceptance of the Fraudulent Instructions Rider Questionnaire, our program provides optional Fraudulent Instruction Escrow Funds Transfer coverage and Data Breach Defense Costs coverage.  Please contact us for details.

    • Title Insurance Agent

    • Title Abstractor

    • Title Searcher

    • Escrow Agent

    • Closing Agent

    • Notary Public

    • Public Records Searcher (including UCC searches)

    • Corporate Document Searcher

    • Flood Zone Certifications

    • Witness Closer

    • 1031 Exchanges (excluding advice that agents may give regarding tax consequences or the advisability of a 1031 exchange)

Coverage Form Links:


Title Agent Policy SPECIMEN


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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